Sunday, July 24, 2011


Dear July, I knew you were going to be a stinker before you began.

Dear sinus infection, you don't have to go home but you can't stay here. I have to work, I have to train for a half marathon, and I have births to celebrate. This gal's to be exact.

AND I have a mini vacay starting Thursday, so leave.
Dear room, you are almost finished! Recreating you on a low budget has been creativity at its most creative. This Grace Peacock inspired piece is my favorite:

next project? must find old rake head.
Dear pinterest, thank you for your endless ideas. I do not thank you for the serious obsession I have with you. You make me want my own home and to plan my own wedding like I've never known want before. And both things are far, far, far away from happening.
Nothing wrong with planning and being prepared though, right?
I guess I'll stick to my party/food ideas for now.
Like this one I'll be making next weekend:


ho ho ho! 
Dear Christmas in July,  this is how excited I am for you


that is all.

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