Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the tour CONTINUES.

Last summer, a really awesome friend of mine gave me some really legit advice. I was in the middle of losing a super complicated friendship, and the stress of it was really taking a toll on me. At the end of our conversation, he challenged me to a "summer of fun tour," and every time someone asked me to do something there would only be one answer: yes. He went on to tell me about his tour experience (which included a concert with me) and how it resulted in meeting the love of his life.
As a result of mine, I went to a ton of concerts, a few road trips, met some really cool people, and jumped out of a freaking airplane.
Snotface, you are probably one of the coolest friends I have... major kudos and thanks to you for challenging me. I want you to know the tour has not ended, and I hope to make this summer even better.
This summer, another really awesome friend challenged me to beat my last years concert tally (which is going to be tough) and since I couldn't say no, I said... as long as they're cheap ones, let's do it!
Soo last week started the concert series, and I must say it was a super spontaneous success.
side note: I'd like to dedicate my random alliterations to my father.
We decided to go just three hours before the show started, and with team effort, really pulled it off. Within twenty minutes, we were dressed, ready, and on the road to meet Ted for our tickets.
Ted Allen, as a matter of fact.
Braves, Hawks, Falcons, and concerts.
Buy, sell, or trade. Pick up, or delivery.
For all of your ticket needs.
We were a little skeptical of Ted at first, being that we found him online 20 minutes before we left, but he really helped bring our night together. Super guy, that Ted. I'd share his digits, but I think I'm going to keep him. Don't want to give him too much credit, though. I wouldn't dare steal the show from Mr. Gray, who gave us just that. I'd also like to dedicate my love for David Gray to my father. In fact, most of my brilliant taste in music is "thanks and praise" to ole pops.
(To those of you who just caught that, a little G. Love shout out)
David Gray is really and truly a profound musician, and it is beyond me when I hear of someone "not really liking him." His music, his lyrics... maybe it's that Stevie Wonder head shake that gets me.
And you all know how I feel about Stevie. If you don't, you don't know me well enough.
Here's a preview of our show-

David, a special thanks to making my first concert of the summer so awe-to-the-some.
And a special Stevie Wonder head shake backatcha.

A few favorites I ran into:

My very first concert was with two of my bffl's, Mary Claire and Rachel- and coincidentally this guy. John made my first show pretty eventful, so it was good to run into him again.
MCHammer and John,
Cowbells and bird calls to ya. Just like that Barenaked Ladies' song, I'm hot like wasabi when I'm next to your body.

Well would ya look at that... fancy meeting yousguys heeere!!

Cannot even describe to you the excitement on Luke and Katie's faces when they ran into us.
... along with all the other surprises of the night.
... 'and tangled up in memory's thorns' the next day, ey Luke?

Kristy doesn't do so hot with last minute plans, but I'm glad Robbie and I could show her how to make something happen... if ya really want it.
First concert= success.

And many many more to come! In fact, I'm going to take it upon myself to count the second show as successful. Yes, already a second. A private show, at that.
Clay, you forgot that signed CD you promised us. Guess that means you HAVE to come back to Georgia. Sal can come, too.

Until next time.

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