Saturday, August 20, 2011

simple as it should be

It's Saturday night, and I'm at home. Cleaning, finding ways to make my iPhone cuter on Pinterest, listening to some great tunes, and as you can see, blogging.
A Saturday night at home. That's almost unheard of. And yes, I just ended a sentence with a preposition. That was just for you, Carolyn. Thanks for the coach. Not.
Anyway, this girl is ballin' on a budget, so apparently there will be plenty more of these Saturday nights. Somehow I'm going to have to get more creative with my time... not sure how much cleaning I can do in one night. Maybe I'll study? But probably not. I mean let's be honest.
Thank God for Pinterest. Seriously. Because of that brilliant site, I am going to have the most amazing home one day. Going to be an amazing wife, and a really freaking awesome mom. Pinterest's theme song should be She's Crafty by the Beastie Boys.
...the girl is crafty, she knows all the moves.
I started playing records, she knew all the grooves...
Why do I relate everything to a song? That, or a Friend's episode.
This weekend has been an emotional one.
Why are facing insecurities so hard?
Why are people so prideful?

one artist that I'm thrilled to have back on the iPod... TP!
and thrilled that she has a new album on the way...
this song is definitely a favorite, and it rings so true.

"...cause I don't think that we
should ever feel the need to worry
ever get ourselves in a hurry
you know I love you
I know you love me.."

the highlight of my weekend?
watching this last night with the family:

really, it's as simple as it should be...
I think I'm feeling some Passion City tomorrow night.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

" if all of these trials bring me closer to You, then I will walk through the fire if You want me to."

Dear heavenly Father,
Thank You for everything.
Thank you for friends and family.
Thank you for sending me just the people I need in my life to make me the person I am meant to be, even if it means losing some really great ones.
Thank you for encouragement.
Thank you for sunny days, and thank you for storms.
Thank you for heartache. Without it, we wouldn't know joy.
Thank you for your mercy and grace to get us through heartache.
Through loss.
Through death.
Through things that are beyond our understanding.
And as much as I want to understand things, as much as I want to know "why," thank you for not telling me. I can't imagine how much crazier my mind might go if I did know.
Dear Father, thank you for everything.
Even if it means waiting.
For You, I will wait. I will wait patiently, because I know that Your timing is perfect.
I know that You have a plan for me, and I know that You always have my best in mind.
In Jesus name I pray, Amen.